Reading about the RenGen

I was sitting on the airplane and trying to catch up on some reading. Today, I thought I would get started on RenGen or Renaissance Generation by Patricia Martin (who by the way just spoke at the Young Professionals Summit earlier this month).

Patricia talks about the groupings of personality traits that have been found in creative people. These traits include:
1. Productivity
2. Independence
3. Drive for originality
4. Flexibility
5. Aspiration

We as creative professionals live by these traits and support work that has similar values as we do. I understand her optimism about what is coming in the future as well as the subtle changes that are spurring a new way of life, a change in the mindset of our culture. I am case in point…sitting in an airport blogging about a book I am reading on my I-phone using the Internet as a facilitating medium to spread information, thoughts, and ideas. Oh how far we have come!


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