Welcome to the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC) 2010

The Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC) has a 34-yearhistoryof providing professionaldevelopment people interested in intercultural issues.  SIIC is a home to intercultural scholars and practitioners from many cultures that meet each year to enhance their learning and renew their energies and commitments.

This year I am attending a week-long workshop on facilitating intercultural discovery that is being taught by John (Jack) Condon and Nagesh Rao.  Jack is regarded as one of the founders of the intercultural field.  Nagesh has been an associate professor at the University of New Mexico conducting research on intercultural communication as well as health communication.  The workshop will focus on ways to reflect and expand on individual learning preferences, understanding how we make meaning of messages and things around us, sharpen observation of things around us in everyday life, and discuss uses of photography, television, folklore, music, and film across cultures to facilitate intercultural learning and exploration.

I’m looking forward to an exciting week of learning here at SIIC!  I’ll be providing some notes and updates throughout the week.  Enjoy!


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