With Downtime Creativity Can Flow

I’m in Jemez Springs, New Mexico with some wonderful collegues at a workshop called “The Practice of Seeing in Place: Zen, Culture, and Communication.” This afternoon we had an assignment to explore the site where we are at by sensing the place and creatively depicting this space.

So I wandered to a nearby river and sat by the banks. I felt a calmness and clarity come over me. So here’s my thought to share with you today…

“A Thought”

River flows by me
Understanding it’s to be
Today is the day

I’m learning to see
Visualizing serene peace
I’m part of this world

Bubbles of water
No longer a mystery
Life – humanity

We are who we are
Atoms, vibes, energy, sunlight
Specks in time and space

Trees in the fall breeze
Snowflakes through a small window
Blossoms and radiant love

Seek to comprehend
Look at the edges of the frame
Live life purposely

And you will know what it is to know.


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