Tobacco Control Prevention and Outreach Program is Working in Nebraska

Throughout the last twelve years, we have been working hard in Nebraska to reduce tobacco use, exposure to secondhand smoke, and tobacco-related disparities as well as to promote health throughout communities. In Omaha, a number of groups, organizations, and individuals are working together through MOTAC, the Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coalition.

We have had a number of successes including:

  • Tobacco product placement law to put all tobacco products behind the counter
  • Smoke-free air law for Nebraska
  • Increased smoke-free housing options including working towards smoke-free apartments
  • Tobacco-free campus policies for all major hospital systems – Alegent, Creighton, Methodist, and UNMC
  • Tobacco-free grounds organizational policies
  • Outreach to communities that experience a disproportionate burden of tobacco including Latinos, LGBT individuals, and African-Americans

UNMC Center for Reducing Health Disparities, Tobacco Outreach Team:
Ariss Rogel Mendoza, Antonia Correa, and Athena Ramos

Today, we got to meet up with Dr. Scout, the Director of the LGBT Network for Health Equity. We had a great conversation about some of the things that are working with our program. Dr. Scout will be spending the next few days with us teaching us about best practices in tobacco control, outreach to priority populations, and much more.

Here’s a link to Dr. Scout’s recent blog about what’s going on here locally:

Lots of work is being done in communities across the state to make our state more healthy and safe for everyone!


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